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Peacemaker Carbon Framesets

12MM Thru Axles

Important: Before wrenching on your axles, please make certain the 6mm allen key is inserted at least 8mm's into the axle. The allen key tolerances on the latest generation "Lite" thru axles are tight but will loosen up with use. 

Bottom Bracket

The Peacemaker uses an English threaded BSA bottom bracket (68mm) - you're welcome. It is compatible with SRAM GXP, Easton/RaceFace BSA 30 and other Shimano and compatible bottom brackets/cranksets. Due to the myriad of bottom bracket standards and some cross compatibility, make certain you use a compatible combination. 

A standard SRAM GXP BB uses no spacers.


The Peacemaker uses a 42/52 integrated headset. It comes stock with either a lower Chris King crown race/bearing mated with a Cane Creek upper or a complete Cane Creek assembly. There are no additional cups to press into the frame.

Note: The Peacemaker is not compatible with the Chris King DropSet upper bearing/assembly due to the height of the bearing - bummer, we know but it's actually not that uncommon of a thing. It requires a shallow upper bearing height. 

Cane Creek 40 and 110 upper bearing assembly's are recommended. 


The Peacemaker is compatible as either a 1x or 2x drivetrain setup. To convert to a 1x setup simply remove the front derailleur mount with an Allen key.

If you feel the need: To remove the coned cable guide behind the seat tube, reach in through the bottom bracket opening and gently, but with a bit of force push out while using your other hand to wiggle the exposed cone to work it out. 

Do not use a screwdriver or other metal tool to pry the plastic cone as you may damage the frame. Meaning, you will damage the frame and then we'll hate you.

Cable Routing

Derailleur cables should be routed through the orange cable guide tubes and the rear brake hose should be routed through the larger white guide that can be found inside your head tube and sticking out of your chainstay. 

  • The orange and white guides are there solely for that purpose and need to be removed after threading cable and housing through the frame.
  • The included foam housing cover should be used to cover the brake hose inside the downtube. First thread the hose through the middle hole in the head tube guide, then through the foam housing, then into the white hose guide 12-16" inches. Gently pull the white hose guide out of the chainstay as you push it from the head tube. You can see the dark brake hose through the white hose guide to ensure it has passed through the opening the chainstay. Once it has, pull the remainder of the white hose guide out of the frame and discard. 
  • Before securing the brake line to your caliper, be certain to thread the hose through the plastic guide clip that attaches to and covers the hole in the chainstay. 

  • If running a 1X drivetrain set up be certain to remove the orange guide from the frame. 
  • If running a 1X with a dropper post you can use the alternative head tube cable guide insert to allow for full length housing. Like the brake hose, routing your dropper post housing over the BB is recommended. 

TIPS: The brake hose runs over the top of the aluminum BB cup. Removing the cable guide cover underneath the frame makes routing cables much easier. 


The Peacemaker uses a 27.2 seat post and like a much bigger brand whose name begins with a G and ends with a T, our frames are designed around the use of an offset seatpost. However, if you're the long legged/super short torso type then you may want to forget all that and go with a zero offset post. Don't worry, we're not super opinionated about seatpost offset. Bar tape though, that's another story.

We recommend using a carbon post over an aluminum post if possible due to negative reaction that can result from the two materials reacting over time. To negate post seizure inside the frame, apply a liberal amount of grease starting an inch below the bottom of the seat post collar. Around the inside of the seat tube underneath the seat collar apply carbon fiber paste to keep the post from slipping under weight.

If using an aluminum seat post on any carbon bike, you should remove it from the frame periodically to avoid having it seize inside the carbon frame. 

Disc Brakes

The Peacemaker accepts either 140mm or 160mm Flat Mount disc brakes. The rear chainstay thickness is 25mm and uses 32mm button head bolts. The front uses standard 15mm button head bolts.

Front: SRAM 15mm Part No.: 00.5318.005.002

Rear: SRAM 32mm Part No.: 00.5318.005.006 (now included with frameset purchase.)

To run 160mm rotors front and rear, you'll need the following flat mount adaptors:

SRAM Front Part No.: 00.5318.018.000

SRAM Rear Part No.: 00.5318.018.001

Shimano Di2

Peacemaker's can be special ordered to accept Shimano Di2 wiring for 2X drivetrains (1X drivetrains do not need to be special ordered). Meaning, the stock framesets don't have an extra hole in the frame that a non-Di2 user will have to plug. 

In addition you will need a Pro Di2 Seatpost Battery Holder in 27.2. These can be purchased quite easily and range in cost from $13 to $20 depending on who you buy them from:

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